Stafford City Parks

General Park photo

Stafford residents can enjoy the outdoors in one of six public parks.
A total of 35.6 acres of green space are designated as public park land in the City.

See the Parks Property Inventory.


First St Park

First Street Park, 2501 First Street Covers 3 acres and contains a jogging trail with lights as well as open play field, picnic tables, benches and stretching equipment. See map.


Gordon Fountain Lake Park

Gordon Fountain Lake Park, 10511 1/2 Fountain Lake Dr. is the City’s second largest public park, covering 9 acres. It has a lake, a half-mile jogging trail with lights, playground equipment, picnic benches, stretching equipment and a pavilion. See map.


Margaret Havens Historical Memorial Garden

The Margaret Havens Historical Memorial Garden, 2610 South Main

Was a collaborative effort between the City of Stafford and the Stafford Historical Society. Instrumental in the process was the City’s Parks Committee, under the leadership of its Chairman, Councilman John Rose. Working in concert, the Parks Committee and Historical Society, which was led by its President, Councilman Jeff Smith, developed plans and a concept to recognize the history of Stafford and the Stafford Municipal School District. Read more.


Rugin Park

Rubin Park, 2220 First Street contains open play field, playground equipment, picnic benches, two basketball goals and a pavilion on 3.14 acres. See map.


Stafford City Park

Stafford City Park, 3108 Fifth Street is the city’s largest of the city’s public parks covering 16 acres. It contains softball/baseball fields, covered basketball courts, soccer/open play fields, playground equipment, picnic benches and a pavilion. See map.


Vaccaro Manor Park

Vaccaro Manor Park, 13033 Joan Street Occupies 4.5 acres. It has a quarter-mile jogging trail with lights, soccer/open play fields, playground equipment, picnic benches, sidewalks, stretching equipment and a pavilion. See map.


Parks Department

The City’s park system is maintained by the City of Stafford Parks Department. Jim Wagner is the Superintendent of Parks and Building Maintenance. Contact him at 281-499-2978 or Email Jim.


Parks Committee

Cecil Willis, Councilman
Charles Russell, City Engineer               
Cristin Emshoff, Project Administrator
Antonia Comardo
Harvey Koudelka
Mark E. Allen

Joji George                                                                              

Trina Reed
John Rose
Syed Sultan                                                     

Meetings of the Parks Committee are held quarterly at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of the months of January, April, July and October, at City Hall, and are open to the public.